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General Information of Budapest
The net of public transportation of the capital is made by lines of bus, trolley bus, streetcar, subway (M1 yellow line, M2 red line, M3 blue line) and trains of local (HÉV) interest. Buses, Streetcars and Trolley buses circulate from 4,30am to 11,00pm. The three metropolitan lines cross each other in Deák square. Streetcars and Buses follow every 2-15 minutes. Local trains (HÉV) bring the passengers on the island of Csepel, to Ráckeve, in the southern part of the city, and also to Szentendre and Gödöllö. Tickets can be purchased inside the subway stations, from the automatic distributors, or from the newsvendors. Tickets are valid for the whole run on the bus, trolley bus, subway, streetcar, gear train and on the HÉV, but only within the administrative borders of Budapest. 5 different types of tickets exist: 1) the combined one 2) the daily one, 3) the touristic one valid for 3 days, 4) the pack of ten and finally 5) the pack of twenty. We suggest to always choose the most convenient solution:(information: www.bkv.hu). The inspectors, with a band bracelet and carrying a photo, can ask for the ticket on the train or at the subways' exits.
So many Apartments to Rent for Accommodation for Tourism and Holidays in the city center of Budapest.
Taxi In Budapest  
They circulate with yellow plates and they are forced to use the taximeter. The sum to be paid is the total one of the basic rate, adding the kilometers made plus the cost of the passenger. The tip usually is equal to the 10% of the price of transport, according to the client satisfaction. The sum to be paid is made of three parts: basic rate (in the daytime 300Ft at the most, at night 420Ft at the most), kilometers made (in the daytime 240 Ft at the most, at night of 336 Ft), attendee using the car is fixed. It is worth to learn their telephone numbers:
International number: +36 (1)
Budataxi: +36 (1) 233 3333
+36 (1) 377 7777
Citytaxi: +36 (1) 211 1111
Fõ Taxi:
+36 (1) 222 2222
Tele5 Taxi: +36 (1) 355 5555
6x6 Taxi:
+36 (1) 266 6666  
Photo by City of Budapest

Post Office Budapest
Post offices are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.
The two Head Post Offices near Budapest's main railway stations are open longer as follows:
VI. Teréz krt. 51 (near the Western (Nyugati) Railway Station): Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.
VIII. Baross tér 11. (Eastern (Keleti) Railway Station): Mo-Sa: 7 am - 9 pm, Su: 8-8pm.
All post offices offer encashment facilities for VISA, VISA Electron, Eurocard/Mastercard, and Maestro cards, as well as for Eurocheques and American Express traveller's cheques and postal orders.  
The Nightlife in Budapest
The nightlife in Budapest has an incredible taste of emancipation and fun thanks to its high number of premises and characteristic music bars.
Moreover all around the city it's full of legendary coffees of the beginning of the 1900.The real "night story" of Budapest is always dedicated to young people who can change many different places all located close to each other, listen all different kinds of music and taste fantastic drinks.After 2000 the modernization of the districts has been accelerated along the ring finger Nagykörút.
The modernization has transformed a series of abandoned buildings (provisionally), in typical places of the today's Budapest, called "pub in ruins. Inside the building's courtyards you can find a number of separated areas to listen music, drink beer and enjoy local food and sandwiches.In internet and in the free city magazines you can check the daily programs and fashion pubs.Who has no chance to enjoy Budapest pubs and bars in every corner of its animated night, will never know in the 21° century evolution of one of the most cultural and fast growing cities of Europe.
Local not to miss are: Simpla Kert, Rio Café, Buddha Beach and Retro Beach, Old Man's Pub, Mokka Cuka, Creol, Morrison's Pub, Jam Pub , and Fat Mo's Pub in the walking street and, very typical dancing place: the Piaf Café not to be lost. Unforgettable will be the evenings to the island Hajogyari sziget in the discos and Studio, Bed, and Dokk Café.
Budapest Metro line

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